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Depression Review - Article Example

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Depression View Article deals with functional social support and psychological capital. It also looks at the symptoms that can be seen and…
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Depression Article Review
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Extract of sample "Depression Review"

Ali Al qutayfi Andrea Fredeen English 170 May 28, Depression Article Review The of this article was Liu et al., who wrote it in China and later it was taken to be published in Biomedical Central Psychiatry. Depression View Article deals with functional social support and psychological capital. It also looks at the symptoms that can be seen and identified for those people who are depressed and have anxiety especially those workers who are living with HIV/AIDS. Their abbreviation is PLWHA.
At the beginning of the article, the book highlights the plight of those people living with HIV/AIDS. It emphasizes on the workers and explains why they always leave their jobs because at times they feel that they are psychologically distressed. This study wanted to provide the relationship between functional social support (FSS) and psychological capital (PC), with anxiety and stress symptoms among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). The study says that it is very beneficial to employ PLWHA since through employment they get salary and wages that they use to improve the quality of their life, they become happier and they can go to hospital to be treated whenever they feel sick. For those who are not employed and are living with HIV/AIDS, they cannot have a quality life, they cannot be happy and they lack the money to use for treatment whenever they are sick.
Even though benefits that are gained from the employment of PLWHA, there a lot of unemployment cases in the world. The main reason for this is psychological distress, mental, physical and other factors of social life and population (Liu et al., 326). When we talk of spiritual capital (PC), we just mean such things like efficacy, believing in a positive future and resilience that are beneficial in praising the performance of workers and congratulating them. We also considering whether or not they are getting satisfied at their place of work.
In this article, the researcher conducted a cross-section survey in Liaoning Province which has a population of 43 million people between the month of December in the year 2010 and the month of April in the year 2011. In this sample, there were 360 persons living with HIV/AIDS and were fully employed, between 18 and 16 years of age. The two strategies that could help in gathering data were giving out questionnaires to the sample and the application of informed consent. After distributing out the questionnaire, 320 were fully filled, and they were analyzed and later results were released.
In the process of conducting analysis, those concepts and methods that were used are Pearson’s correlation, regression t-tests and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Some of the results that were found in the study are; positive and desired effects of functional social support and psychological capital. They included reduced anxiety symptoms and depression, work performance attitudes that are useful and more desired, and an increase in the positive thoughts and emotions. In this study, it was therefore concluded that functional social support and psychological capital are required for the purposes of minimizing the symptoms of depression and anxiety of the PLWA who are fully employed and work at regular hours.
The study has come out clearly in giving its aim and the benefits of managing psychological distress for people living with HIV/AIDS. The study has provided deep analysis of the advantages of PLWHA to get work and job opportunities created for them. This is because they will get the money needed for improving the quality of their life thereby reducing the different levels of anxiety among them. The article has conducted statistical analysis on the data it collected by using the most reliable statistical analysis to find out the relationship between FSS and PC on depression and anxiety for those living with HIV/AIDS.
The article has come out clearly in explaining the relationship between FSS and PC on anxiety and stress for people living with HIV/AIDS. The representatives used were selected from their population in a way that they have the right proportion; therefore the conclusions that were made can highly be relied upon.
To some extent, bias may have come out in the process of collecting data from the individuals giving self report. This is because when the self-report data was put together with the data from questionnaires, they had a lot of variations meaning that there were high levels of correlation among the statistical variables used.
In conclusion, the article has been advantageous for the functional social support and the psychological support since it aimed at giving hope and resilience in reducing the levels of anxiety and stress in PLWHA. Therefore the study advice as well as gives the proofs as to why people should consider PC and FSS so as to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression in the society.
Work Cited
Liu, Li, Pang, Ran, Sun, Wei, Wu, Ming, Qu, Peng, Lu, Chunming, and Wang Lie. "Functional social support, psychological capital, and depressive and anxiety symptoms among people living with HIV/AIDS employed full-time." BMC psychiatry 13.1 (2013): 324. Read More
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