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The speaker’s corner came into existence in 1872 after the Parks Regulation Act was made into law allowing the park authorities to allow people to meet…
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Critique on The Speakers Corner
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Speaker’s corner The speaker’s corner refers to an open-air public speaking area located in the northeast part if the Hyde Park in London. The speaker’s corner came into existence in 1872 after the Parks Regulation Act was made into law allowing the park authorities to allow people to meet and speak over various issues at the park. Speaker’s corners are also located in other parts of the world and several parts Britain. The locations are devoted to public debates and discussions on a wide range of topics that the security details consider to be lawful. Many people are of the opinion that the speakers at the corner are immune from the law and can speak in whatever manner that they feel to express themselves. However, the police have endeavored to be very tolerant to the speakers and only respond in cases where they have received complaints from member of the public. At times they are forced to intervene on the grounds of profanity which involves the use of offensive language.
The speaker’s corner in Britain was established as a result of the increased struggles for civil liberties and a quest for a more democratic society. The speakers’ corner has provided great opportunity for people to express themselves and have their views heard by many listeners across the global. The minority groups, who do not have any other platform to address their concerns, have benefited from the speakers’ corner since it has granted them a chance to be heard. However, the popularity and strength of the speakers’ corner has been eroded by the rapidly emerging trend of blogging and the use of other social media platforms in communicating personal views and opinions. In the current set-up, speakers’ corner is set loose its meaning and will soon become a thing of the past if the current trend is to continue. Read More
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