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Article Analysis - Essay Example

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The integration of technology in student learning is of interest to all stakeholders involved. The interest has seen billions of…
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Article Analysis
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Extract of sample "Article Analysis"

Analysis; Technology and Early Childhood Education It is indeed true that despite the promising nature of technologyin education, teachers have difficulties in implement it in the classroom setting. The integration of technology in student learning is of interest to all stakeholders involved. The interest has seen billions of dollars put forward in facilitating the provision of technology to schools, colleges and universities (Keengwe and Onchwari, 209-210). I further agree with the authors’ view that only less than half of the teachers teaching in public schools make use of the technology tools availed to them. The statistics are worrying because one would expect the teachers to take advantage of the computers and internet to ease the learning process (Keengwe and Onchwari, 210). I, however, think there should be no cause for worry among parents concerning the adverse effects of technology to their children. Teachers have the responsibility of monitoring how children use technology to restrict it for educational purposes only.
From the research conducted at the summer institute, it is devastating that teachers find it hard infusing instructional responsibilities with technology integration. I fail to understand why they view integration and instruction as two different entities. If both support each other in delivering content to the students, teachers should be willing to adopt them (Keengwe and Onchwari, 214-215). I think teachers are intellectuals who can integrate technology into classrooms to engage various learning styles that meet the abilities of all learners. I concur with the authors that teachers need technological skills that do not necessarily make them experts (Keengwe and Onchwari, 215-216). Based on the authors’ recommendations, it is imperative that school administrators move swiftly in installing modern technological tools that aid educational software. Besides, state education officers should not only create technological workshops, but also provide full-time technology experts to schools. The article, therefore, meets the authors’ goal of stimulating reflections and evaluating the need for technology integration in classrooms and, in particular, early childhood education.
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Keengwe, Jared, and Grace Onchwari. "Technology and Early Childhood Education: A Technology Integration Professional Development Model for Practicing Teachers." Early Childhood Education Journal 37 (2009): 209-18. Web. 2 June 2015. Read More
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Article Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 3.
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