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What are the difference between the couples who decided to have a baby or not - Essay Example

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The difference becomes more apparent especially in countries with regulations set to control the population. Some couple, for example, would think that having babies is a way of…
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What are the difference between the couples who decided to have a baby or not
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Download file to see previous pages First, young couples usually go through a lot of financial problems. Couples who decide to have babies at a young age, therefore, faces a lot of such problems. Usually, young couples have jobs with small basic salary. Raising a baby does not only require the couple to have enough money, but also adequate time to take care of the baby. This implies that the couple will not have enough time to develop their career and make more money like the couples without children who take adequate time when they are between 20 and 30 years old to move through various jobs and job groups that pay higher. As Pope Francis suggested, couples who decide not to have children are usually more energetic, younger and richer than before as they have enough of free time on their own to exercise and make money. On the contrary, a young couple with children usually has no or less control of their time and money because of their children. The young parents do not have adequate time on their own when their children are still small, unlike the couples without children who usually have all the time with each other. The young parents are also very cautious about their spending because of their inadequate salaries. When one is a young parent, they are also required to pick their children from school and drop them in the morning, unlike the childless couple. It is a big contrast with the childless couples who are frequently spotted hanging out with their friends after work. In general, the childless couple can be said to spend much of their time in social life than on family.
Another difference between the childless couple and the couple with children is manifested in their ways of thinking. Young parents are usually considered as big children. This is so because, the young parents do not usually have adequate parenting experience. In most cases, being with their babies make them learn most of the things that take place in their babies lives, some of which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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