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One of the rhetorically loaded phrases that emerge frequently in the book is “corporate rule”, which holds that marker deregulation, consumerism, privatization, and free trade have consolidated corporate power. Johnson (p. 72) notes that free trade has enabled powerful…
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Terms and angles of vision
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Terms and Angles of Vision One of the rhetorically loaded phrases that emerge frequently in the book is “corporate rule”, which holds that marker deregulation, consumerism, privatization, and free trade have consolidated corporate power. Johnson (p. 72) notes that free trade has enabled powerful corporations like multinationals and trans-nationals to exploit developing, poor countries and their resources and workers, while also dominating their national politics, which is a form of corporate rule. The angle of vision is that there needs to be trade reforms in order to more evenly distribute opportunities among all countries and avoid corporate rule. Another instance is where corporations are identified as prioritizing their profits, shareholders, and CEO bonuses and salaries at the expense of the country and its workers (Johnson 74). In this case, the power of corporate rule has allowed corporations to move their plants to countries that have cheaper labor and less stringent laws and regulations.
Indeed, the writer’s view is that corporations are self-perpetuating, especially as big money from these corporations enables them to buy lobbyists, political support, and favorable laws, tax codes, and policies (Johnson 74). A third instance in which the writer’s view is directed towards the concept of “corporate rule” is on the point of skyrocketing health costs, which are attributed to American pharmaceutical corporations, which have managed to influence laws that prohibit US citizens from purchasing foreign-made, lower-priced medicines despite the presence of free trade policies. This point of view shows how corporations have taken advantage of globalization and free trade to become the new “central economy”, in which they have unequal influence on the economy of the US and, indeed, developing countries across the world (Johnson 92).Thus, the writer argues from an angle of vision that corporate rule is bad for the American and global economy and should be neutralized.
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Johnson, June. Global Issues, Local Arguments: Readings for Writing. Boston: Pearson, 2014. Print Read More
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