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The Development and Evolution of the Music Industry - Term Paper Example

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The author of the paper examines the developments and evolution of the music industry and states that the emergence of new opportunities for the music industry is one that began to take place in the 1950s with the development of the new technologies…
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The Development and Evolution of the Music Industry
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Extract of sample "The Development and Evolution of the Music Industry"

Download file to see previous pages Understanding the different effects that are currently taking place, as well as the progression that has occurred since the movement into technology and different components of music can provide a thorough understanding of the expectations, changes, and advancements that are currently being made available for musicians. The challenges, as well as opportunities that this is leading to, is creating a different perspective toward the music industry and the values that are found within different genres of music.

The movement into music as a business is one that began to emerge in the early 1950s with the new technologies that were available for recording. Before this time, music was known as a regionalized effort that musicians would take part in, all of which were divided by genres and expectations that were within a different arena. However, the emergence of recording equipment, radio and the ability to play live on TV and through different performance arenas also offered new possibilities for musicians and for emerging music businesses. It was from these beginnings that many musicians began to find their way into national and international fame. More importantly, this first development and emergence of technology led to different roles within the music business, including engineers, recorders, and others that were responsible for different aspects of the music. The emergence of different job titles was one that was not only dependent on the creativity of the music, but was also associated with the concept of recording for business and to make music that could be heard and responded to by the mass culture that was in a specific region as well as from those that were associated with the music at an international level (Fink, 1996).
The concept of popular music from this era began to emerge into the media products that were a part of the crowds and which were available on an international basis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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