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It is almost generally accepted view of the public that marijuana has totally negative effects on human’s health and it must not be legalized anyway. Still some states have already done this and now obtain results. In such a context it is of a great interest to examine what…
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Reclassification of marijuana
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Re ification of Marijuana It is almost generally accepted view of the public that marijuana has totally negative effects on human’s health and it must not be legalized anyway. Still some states have already done this and now obtain results. In such a context it is of a great interest to examine what positive aspects are there among marijuana general characteristics.
To begin with it must be said that official classification defines marijuana as a soft drug, only slightly mentioning its positive effects on organism. Still, there are numerous positive sides of medical marijuana use in comparison to its negative influence advocated by some scientists. Just so, considering the fact of a great number of painful diseases, marijuana has the cure for this problem, that is, “…cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component that has been shown to have a number of therapeutic benefits, including those that limit seizure activity” ( In a condition of single application a person feels relieved condition, relaxing effect, improving of appetite and general well-being. Moreover, the most efficient cannabinoid in cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol, known in medicine as a contributing component in the treatment of cancer for relieving of symptoms (nausea, vomiting) while anticancer chemotherapy. In fact, marijuana has a benefit for treatment of mental illnesses, such as prolonged depression or panic disorders. One way or another, different forms of cannabis (extracts, oils) help to heal or ease numerous health problems, so positive effect of marijuana is of no doubt, and, surely, it must be reclassified.
Talking about general mends as a result of occasional use of marijuana, “…there is evidence pointing to slight increases in lung air flow rates as well as enhancements in lung volume …” (Barrett). So, it is obvious that its equating to tobacco use in harmful scales is senseless. Naturally, the aspect of lasting period is of a great importance. Still, knowing the results of even somewhile smoking, it goes without question that cannabis is useful. Notably, it becomes evident from the last researches, which were aimed to investigate particular healing results of cannabis use for medical purposes. So, among vivid positive effects are: decrease of arthritis painful feelings, pain relief of multiple sclerosis and other muscle spasms, treatment of glaucoma, reversion of tobacco use impact and gain in lung health, control over epileptic seizers, decrease of symptoms of Dravet Syndrome, stop of cancer spreading, recession of Alzheimer disease, increase of effectiveness of hepatitis C treatment, and so on (Welsh, and Loria). This range can be continued, as marijuana positive effect also extents on improvement of appetite for anorexia treatment as well as for treatment of AIDS patients with weight loss. In such way cannabis use contributes even to the problem of HIV/ AIDS cure, one of the most common alarm issues of our time.
Now, it is clear that marijuana is not as harmful as it is seen by most people. The thing is that its positive sides are not so widely advocated by the government, scientists, doctors and the public in general. But this fact is no way able to minify the total benefits of medical use of cannabis and its role in treatment of great many diseases, even in the cases when traditional medicine is powerless. Finally, there must be reclassification of marijuana for the welfare of people who need the help of cannabis medical use.
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