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Pettiness,jealousy,and selfishness abound in our daily interactions with each other - Essay Example

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Instead, they depend on their interaction with one another. Despite this interaction, most humans only think about themselves because they are selfish. Others do not celebrate the achievements of their fellow humans since…
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Extract of sample "Pettiness,jealousy,and selfishness abound in our daily interactions with each other"

Pettiness, Jealousy and Selfishness Thrive In Our Daily Interactions with Each Other
One thing about humans is that they cannot survive alone. Instead, they depend on their interaction with one another. Despite this interaction, most humans only think about themselves because they are selfish. Others do not celebrate the achievements of their fellow humans since it is in some people’s nature to feel jealous. They fail to understand that satisfaction and cohesion can only be obtained through selflessness, love and the cultivation of care. Through my interactions with people in the society, I have come to affirm that pettiness, jealousy and selfishness thrive in our daily interactions.
Among these vices, pettiness tends to thrive among people who have the same level of education. It is common to see people getting angry at small things like how the other looked at them or how others walk or talk. More so, it is common to see people creating enemies out of this pettiness. Instead of seeking to understand one another and the simple things that characterize us, some people will use these petty things to create enmity among one another. Thus, it is common to see neighbors who barely talk to each other despite being close neighbors. It is common to see people despising one another in a public bus despite having met and might probably never meet. With such attitudes, people forget that humans don’t live twice and fail to seize happiness whenever possible by being free with one another, understanding one another and loving their neighbors.
Jealousy, unlike pettiness is seen among people that know each other and who are not ready to celebrate the achievements of others. Jealousy exists among family members, among friends and among those that you can never think could be jealous. It starts with admiration and then it goes beyond this. Sometimes, it can lead to destruction as others can do anything just to bring down their friends or those whom their jealousy is directed to. Jealousy is felt because of so many reasons such as because of someone’s beauty, wealth or even positions. People who are jealous might try to strive others from these things until they succeed In the end, it becomes like a disease that is hard to cure.
Apart from these two is selfishness, which I have come to realize that is in many people. It is hard to find people who are not selfish. People with this problem are never willing to help others and the worse thing is that they want to be helped. They never want to share whether they have a lot or whether they don’t. Instead of sharing, which is one thing that keeps the society going, they only want to keep to themselves.
From these observed vices, I have come to learn that happiness does not thrive in them. Their opposite is what brings happiness, cohesion and understanding. Therefore, people should stop being petty and jealous. They should also be selfless for a happy life. Read More
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