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Competition - Essay Example

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Some researchers opine that children should not be taught or exposed to competition. The researchers assert that competition can have negative effects on their lives. Therefore, many parents and…
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Extract of sample "Competition"

Competition There has been a heated debate concerning the value of competition among children. Some researchers opine that children should not be taught or exposed to competition. The researchers assert that competition can have negative effects on their lives. Therefore, many parents and teachers have focused on making children feel that they have won and that they all deserve recognition. However, there is evidence that competition is necessary for children. It can promote excellence and help children recognize the value of working hard as this paper will highlight.
Competition can serve as a driving force that motivates children to work harder. In a school setting, competition can be a driving force towards better performance. When children recognize that they have rivals at a similar level, they face the compulsion of moving beyond their comfort zone. If there were no rivals, children would remain in their comfort zone without any additional efforts. For this reason, teachers should promote healthy competition within the school setting.
In sports, competition can help children improve their talent and become more successful. When children are aware that there is always a winner in sports, they are more likely to nurture their talent. In addition, competition in sports makes children more excited a factor that makes them look forward to participating. Many children who have won in sports recognize the value of hard work and are willing to exert more efforts in other sectors of their lives.
In different games, children require competition so that they may find the find the games exciting. Competition in games introduces children to the realities of life, which is defined by different levels of competition. Games that do not encourage competition are less thrilling for children. Many children prefer games that have a winner so that they can have more fun. Introducing children to competition helps them learn how to address losing, which is a common aspect of life. For this reason, healthy competition should be promoted in different aspects of children’s lives. Read More
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Competition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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