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A Brief Review of Creativity - Essay Example

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Bogen and Glenda M. Bogen titled Split-Brains: Interhemispheric Exchange in Creativity deals with the explanation of creativity in terms of brain function. The article studies several issues. First of all, the authors of the article present their…
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A Brief Review of Creativity
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Extract of sample "A Brief Review of Creativity"

The article by Joseph E. Bogen and Glenda M. Bogen d Split-Brains: Interhemispheric Exchange in Creativity deals with the explanation of creativity in terms of brain function. The article studies several issues. First of all, the authors of the article present their observations on creativity. According to them, creativity is developed through several stages which are preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. Thinking that goes on during these stages appear in different hemispheres, and it allows saying that creativity is a result of interhemispheric communication via corpus callosum.
The idea that creativity is a result of brain function is based on observations of patients who experienced the split-brain operation (in them, corpus callosum was cut completely). The authors of the article present brief descriptions and examples of how patient with split brain behave in different situation.
Then, the authors describe the fundamental finding that the hemispheres can function both independently and simultaneously. In this regard, Bogen and Bogen present their views on creativity and lack of creativity in the end of the article. More specifically, they state that corpus callosum plays an important role in creativity for it transfers information between the two hemispheres. For creativity, a partial hemispheric independence is important as well due to the fact that it is responsible for the dissociation of different stages creativity goes through in its development. While the above-mentioned stages of creativity take place in different hemispheres, corpus callosum passes the information obtained at these stages from one hemisphere to another, and it is this transfer which results in creativity.
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Bogen, J. E., and J. M. Bogen. "Split-Brains: Interhemispheric Exchange in Creativity."California Institute of Technology. N.p., 2003. Web. 18 May 2015. . Read More
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