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Fried Jason in his talk clearly reveals that people have proved to be unproductive and thus does not see any importance of using offices…
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Jason Fried: Why Work doesnt happen at work
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Why Work doesn’t happen at work Introduction People always fall victims of situations like disturbance, social media, friends and life challenges which limit their productivity at work. Fried Jason in his talk clearly reveals that people have proved to be unproductive and thus does not see any importance of using offices anymore.
The main theme as expressed in Fried’s talk is distractions in offices are the cause of low productivity. Due to this, his suggestion is that people should not use offices to carry out their daily duties. People should be allowed to work from home and connect through technological platforms to make it easy in handling tasks.
Through this talk, the aspect of leadership is coherently expressed. There is a relationship that can be drawn from it. Leaders must impress a strategy in which they must consider giving their employees ample time to just work without being distracted. It is common for leaders to demand for attention by calling for meetings. As a suggestion to effective leadership, Fried Jason challenges leaders to allow subordinates to use passive tools of communication like emails and IM among others to allow them effectively handle tasks whenever they consider them necessary and urgent.
This talk reveals the exact things that happen in my company. As a big company, it has rented expensive offices fully equipped with materials. However, most of my fellow employees seem to dislike working from offices because there are a series of distractions especially those resulting from managers and meetings. While managers consider meetings very useful evaluation tools, it actually poisons employees and lowers their morale especially in situations where they are not prepared for such meetings. Nobody derives motivation by being disturbed when they need something done. As a suggestion people have always wanted to handle their assignments from home but managers think people will be distracted by families and television. The real distruction is managers and their meetings.
Setting an example is a leadership skill evident in this talk. Leaders can use creativity to increase productivity. For instance, they can creatively pick one Thursday of every month where, in the afternoon workers do not to each other. Silence is capitalized and thus increasing productivity. Another key leadership skill is flexibility. Leaders must dominantly use to ensure effectiveness. They must be flexible to switch from active communication to passive communication. This in real sense reduces distraction.
No one loves distractions especially when they are asleep. This is because it takes them a step back if they have to get back on track. As seen, major destructions in offices are managers and meetings. These two kill productivity for no good reason. By managers giving employees enough time to work without destruction, companies can realize effectiveness.
Fried Jason. (2010 Nov.). Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work. {Video file}. Accessed 25 Nov. 2014 from: Read More
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