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Persuade Speech-The Illegality of Abortion - Essay Example

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In most cases, abortion is a predicated, illegal act. It is a global challenge perpetuated by women. Virtually all the world governments have abortion problems to deal with. The issues…
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Persuade Speech-The Illegality of Abortion
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Extract of sample "Persuade Speech-The Illegality of Abortion"

The illegality of Abortion Abortion is the act of terminating conception products, such as an embryo, fetus, etc. In most cases, abortion is a predicated, illegal act. It is a global challenge perpetuated by women. Virtually all the world governments have abortion problems to deal with. The issues surrounding abortion can either be long term or short term. This assignment looks to explore the reason(s) as to why many governments have illegalized the vice.
It is very important to know a few things about abortion. First of all, abortion is a murder. It involves terminating a life. Fetus and embryo are nothing but stages that a child goes through until they are born. Abortion terminates the development of an unborn child, and that is murder. An embryo or a fetus, just like a living human being, has a right to life. In the United States, according to the fetal homicide laws, killing amounts to violation of fundamental human rights to life.
Abortion has become an issue of religious concern. No known religious group in the world favors abortion. It goes against all religious convictions. According to religious books, the killing caused by is punishable by death. According to the existing religious books and doctrines, those who kill by abortion should also be killed. All the religions groups regard abortion as a sin that God punishes so harshly.

The other aspect which view abortion as form of prejudice in modern world whose interpretation is equivalent to eugenic, a common phenomenon in the United States and United Kingdom. The most disgusting case in abortion is when is done on the basis of human imperfection in which the poor are born as a result of intermarriages face forceful termination at the early time in life.
In addition, it is confirmed beyond the doubts of men that the unborn are capable of feeling the pain as common human beings. The professionals argue at the eighth week the fetus is in a position to exercise flexibility of the spinal cord and the nervous systems are sensitive. It is on this basis that partial abortion of piercing the head of the fetus and removing the brain of the unborn results into ever pain and such practices are highly condemned in the society. This paper will not hesitate to state the medical and psychological trauma not only in women who practice it but also the youthful adult that engage in the act of. Sometimes it is worrying to note that the parent encourage their daughters to carry out abortion at the expenses of academic pursuant. In the end they experience placenta complication and breast cancer.
It is increasing becoming important to be vocal about the thorny issue of abortion. Awareness should be raised at all levels to ensure that people are informed about the issues surrounding abortion, including the dangers involved. Once the awareness is created, many people will be at the forefront of furthering the war against the vice. As the governments tighten the laws that illegalize abortion, cases of abortion will no doubt diminish. This fight should not be left for the governments or authority alone. Rather, each one of us should make a resolve to rid the world of the elements perpetuating abortion. If we remain united and undeterred in this quest, abortion will be a thing of the past.
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