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Different between personal management and HR management - Essay Example

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Research paper contains appropriate and clear information together with assumption of the question of people management, particularly personnel management and human resource management. The purpose of this paper is to understand and investigate the differences, between types of…
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Different between personal management and HR management
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Download file to see previous pages Main body contains the appropriate representation of the information together with the critical analysis. The comparative analysis together with describing basic approaches in the personnel management and human resource management are included. The information is supported by the examples from different investigations in this area. The conclusion provides an assumption of the given information. The method used is particularized examination of the literature together with the critical summarizing and personal inferences on the topic. The research works of different scholars together with logical argumentation is included to the paper.
The notion of management is considered to be extremely important and serious issue concerning the question of productivity and atmosphere at work. Moreover, that is remained to be an obligatory thing in the process of work, and is straightforwardly connected with people. It is possible to talk about personnel management (PM) and human resource management (HRM) in such a case. They are regarded as two basic directions in the dimension of people management (Henderson, 2011). Some theorists in this sphere understand these two types of management as similar and regard them as interchangeable (Henderson, 2011). Still, it should be admitted that personnel management and human resource management reveal some differences that are under a big importance in present-day organization of work.
It is relevant to mention that PM and HRM can be characterized according to the number of principles that describe their functioning and reveal differences between them. It is possible to name origin, strategic nature, psychological contact, job design, organizational structure, remuneration and recruitment, employee relations perspective and criteria for success of the function (Henderson, 2011). All of them are considered to be highly important in the construction of people management in general and each type in particular.
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