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If I am given a chance, I would like to work for the management side. This is because the management domains would offer me more chances to move ahead with my professional fields and learn more with each passing day…
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Union vs management
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Union vs. Management If I am given a chance, I would like to work for the management side. This is because the management domains would offer me more chances to move ahead with my professional fields and learn more with each passing day. I believe that management is such a diverse profession that it gives the employees and management people to explore its far reaching avenues. The study of management would teach me quite a few significant pointers because these are much needed within my folds. I would gain first hand knowledge about the different management styles and how the same are shared in a host of ways. This is significant because I would get to learn about the new techniques that are applicable within the field of management and how these are replicated in a number of ways, in organizations globally. Management is an art of getting the work done by people so this is where leading comes in. This function of management has a dual aspect. It includes both guiding employees through the series of work and commanding as to what job is to be done and how and also motivating them to carry out that task successfully and efficiently. This is where the role of leader comes in. He guides by setting an example, he encourages his followers and he directs them on the right path to success. I believe that it is a given that the management must strive for excellence within its different processes, activities and tasks so that these units are meshed along well with one another. If there is harmony existent within the varied departments of an organization, there is all the more reason that success would eventually creep in with a positive influence for the sake of the business concerns and the employees would feel privileged with the outcomes which are achieved over a period of time. I am of the view that management organizes the resources that are present within an organization. This includes all the resources namely financial, human and even time. Conscious effort is required to gather all the resources that will be required to fulfill the established plan. It is also important that the right types of resources are gathered. For example with the extension of the above mentioned example it was very important to have an expert cook or chef on the team who was aware of the local cuisine and taste preference of the people. I see that this function also involves coordinating with the various aspects of an organization and harmonizing the tasks and departments so that they work towards achieving of a common target. This also means that individuals are assigned to their individual targets and then they are provided with the set resources that they might require in order to meet their targets. The reason why I will choose the management realms over unions is because the management process takes into consideration the ways and means through which organizational undertakings meet the completion stages and the people who are working within these sectors get motivated enough to perform their pertinent duties in line with the organizational needs and aspirations. The management process of any organization is closely aligned with the government as it finds a way to discuss the significant notions that the publics at large have within the democratic structure of the organization. I want to be a part of the management regimes because the role of the government is immense within the same, if organizational knowledge is discerned. If the government with the help of its different institutions and corporations does not allow the private firms and the conglomerates to have their say within the different matters of the country, it is very important that the whole infrastructure of the nation would be brought to a standstill and people would have negative feelings about the private sector and/or the public sector. The situation is made more alarming and distressing since the interaction between the players of the government and the private sector keeps on increasing with each passing day with red tape doing its bit at creating hurdles for not only the dialogues which are held between the two sectors but also the eventual users of the products and services brought to this new country by the private firms and the organizations. Since I like the feeling of being a manager, I understand that these individuals need to make decisions which are best for the sake of the organizations, both from the short term perspective as well as in the long run since this indeed provide a measure of the eventual growth basis of the organization itself. For this to happen, it is indeed significant to realize the importance of having a proper and sound organizational behavior pattern in place and the employees should adhere to the policy that has been implemented in the regimes of the organization. Management can only sustain if there are concerted efforts by all concerned within its lengths and breadths and for this to happen more than anything else, there must be a will and dedication from within. Therefore if I am given a chance, I will definitely choose the management of an organization rather than a union. This will make my task easier and allow me to move ahead freely with the understandings of organizations in the time and age of today. I will gain comprehension of how things shape up and how these will bring in success at the end of the day. In the world of management, it is a given that the related ranks must showcase efficiency and effectiveness within their folds so that success could be achieved in due course of time. Moreover it is the responsibility of the management authorities to understand which models and methodologies are best suited to look after the needs and requirements of the people who matter the most within the reigns of a business and what could be done differently in order to address the concerns that a business organization might have in the future. Read More
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