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Labor Laws and Unions - Essay Example

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Labor Laws and Unions Labour Laws and Unions American Telephone & Telegraph (AT & T) Company; established in 1885 and offers quality and reliable communication services. It is a worldwide leader in local, long distance, internet, and infringement transaction-based voice and data services…
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Labor Laws and Unions
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Download file to see previous pages AT&T purchased Bell’s assets and became the mother company of Bell in 1899. In 1927, the company launched long distance telephone service to London by use of two way radio. AT&T legally operated as a monopoly in the United States until 1984 when it settled a civil antitrust suit with the Department of Justice. This led to a split of the company and it was later restructured in 1995. AT&T remained a communications services company ( The company faces legal issues and obstacles such as copyright and illegal software dissemination actions. AT&T also faces the risk of security breach that is unique to m-commerce. Additionally, the company faces legal liability in cases regarding infringement of privacy, discriminatory acts and abuse of the market. The company, in its operation, could break several federal laws including, but not limited to the Communications Act of 1934 and the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Communications Act of 1934 transferred regulation of interstate telephone services from the inter-state commerce commission to the federal commerce commission. The Act aims to establish rapid, efficient, national and global wire and radio communication. It also requires these services to have adequate facilities at reasonable charges, for the purpose of the national defense. The Act set up a legal framework for regulating wired and wireless communication globally. It enabled the government to regulate new media technologies such as television and mobile phones. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 which was an overhaul of America’s telecommunications laws repealed sections of the Communications Act of 1934. The Act included internet in broadcasting and spectrum allotment, and allowed media cross ownership. It made the communications industry more penetrable as it let anyone enter any communications business. The Act mainly deregulated the broadcasting market. It opened markets to competition by reducing regulatory barriers. To minimize possible litigation, the company should acquire necessary licenses pertaining to its operations. Secondly, it should abide by structural regulations such as open access. Thirdly, it should eradicate discrimination rules. The company should also refrain from abusing market power. Additionally, it should take heed of antitrust law and provide consumers with security they require when using the company’s services. Part II The Communications Workers of Americ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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