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Teachers Union: Trade Unions in The US - Research Paper Example

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A paper "Teachers Union: Trade Unions in The US" reports that the phenomena of forming and joining trade unions have been there for some time and takes place in both the developing and developed nations. Different workers have different trade unions relating to their course of work…
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Teachers Union: Trade Unions in The US
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Extract of sample "Teachers Union: Trade Unions in The US"

Download file to see previous pages Employees join trade unions for basic reasons that include the search for greater bargaining power, job security, minimum discrimination, a platform for self-expression, greater participation, provision for representation in tribunals and disciplinary actions, provision of legal services, and ensure adherence to health and safety rules and regulations (NPR, 2010). There are teachers unions in America that include the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers. The two follow a good organizational structure and draw a lot of influence in education politics. National Union of Teachers is also a huge trade union (NUT, 2012). Nevertheless, there are major problems and opportunities associated with working with a union. Indeed, while the employees enjoy most of the benefits, the employers have very little to celebrate in working with a union. As such, the management must devise a better strategy that will address these challenges. Upon joining the union, the teachers in my profit making school will adhere to the terms of the union as well as those of the school. One of the challenges that the union will manifest to me is that it will subject me to exploitation by the teachers. To this end, I will make sure that we formulate a working and remuneration plan with the union, the teachers, and me to avoid future disagreements. The union may also lead to teachers’ strikes that would lead to closing the school (Balanced, 2012). I will evade this demerit by signing the terms of work, strikes, and how to address strikes beforehand. In this, I will make it clear to the union and the teachers that in case of strikes, I will seek replacements and will not pay for days absconded. Again, the union is likely to demand dues directly from teachers’ paychecks. To this, I will bear the responsibility of remitting the dues to the union’s account. Furthermore, the union will advocate for much higher wages against what I am paying. Since this is a profit making school; I cannot afford to extend the expenses by paying higher than normal wages. As such, I will negotiate an agreeable salary with the union for my teachers to make target profits. I may equally find myself on the wrong side of the law subject to violation of labor practices. To this, I will acquit myself with the requirements of the union, relate them to mine, and ascent where appropriate. The union has a tendency of denying the management rights to lay off or fireless proficient workers thus leading to inefficiency in the organization. In a profit-making school, this will definitely lead to losses, as students will transfer to performing schools. To this effect, I will advocate for the retention of my right to hire and fire any employee subject to their performance before signing the engagement contract. I will equally, advocate for the reservation of my right to appreciate, motivate, and promote performing teachers. This will shield me from the possibility of the union dictating pay levels on basis of seniority rather than performance. These strategies will enable me to work fairly and efficiently with the union. Organizational Changes Due to Union However, it is worth noting that there will be organizational changes due to the union presence in my school. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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