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Argument of Definition: Is global warming a problem - Essay Example

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Considerable debate and divergent viewpoints have emerged regarding whether global warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon or a causal effect of human…
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Argument of Definition: Is global warming a problem
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Download file to see previous pages Stephen Schneider, an alarmist and a professor of environmental studies, supported that humans are the main reason for the global warming. However, Richard Lindzen, a skeptic and a professor of atmospheric sciences believed that the current warming trend is because of natural variability where the planet goes through phases of cooling, and the contribution of human is minimal. He claimed that the Earth is always getting colder and warmer as evidenced by any fluid-covered planet (Tanneeru 1). Therefore, definition of natural cycle has resulted to several disagreements.
. According to natural cycle, Ice core depicts displays that there have been repeated cooling and heating events long before human activities were significant. In addition, changes in temperature precede changes in carbon dioxide with a lag of over 800 years. Global warming is a naturally occurring process; therefore, trying to interfere in the process may cause consequences. The globe cooled between 1940 and 1975 whereas the consumption of fuel rose drastically. Therefore, the earth should have warmed if its reality those carbon dioxide emissions from the use of fuel are a cause of global warming. However, the definition illustrated is not mutual since the current occurrence of global warming is due to high levels of greenhouse gases from human activities.
Natural cycle depicts human beings have a minimum effect on the earth. The dry land, where humans live, computes to only 20% of the earth’s surface. The remaining 80% is water. Water dissolves carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is denser than air and settles at the base where it is accessible to be dissolved by seawater and rain. Therefore, it is evident that human activities do not cause global warming (Wang and Bill 3). However, the emerging disagreement is that the cycle is not continuous and it is unreliable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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