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Ask the Author - Essay Example

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I have read one of your essays, “Second Home” and in this email I will analyze the use of tone in this particular essay and ask you some question regarding to the writing techniques…
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Ask the Author
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Extract of sample "Ask the Author"

Second Home Dear Mrs. Haegele, I’m continuing my studies in an English studying the use of tone in nonfiction. I have read one of your essays, “Second Home” and in this email I will analyze the use of tone in this particular essay and ask you some question regarding to the writing techniques you’ve used.
The theme for the essay is “Second Home” while the main idea is that Katie Haegele loves her second home, “the dollhouse” and it was part of her life. In this essay the author uses imagery as the aspect of tone by describing her second home. For an example the part that she says, “My dad built the house for me when I was five and my parents gave it to me that Christmas…” This makes one picture the image of how the dollhouse would look like and how her father would spend time on something like a dollhouse.
Why use the figurative language as aspect of tone language in this essay? For example “Mom and Dad had become more expert the second time around, so her house had extra details, like a staircase and a kitchen sink with exposed pipes.” I think the essay may be boring if you didn`t use some of this aspects of tone in this essay. It would be difficult to understand how the dollhouse looked like without using the imagery aspect and how important it was to Katie without the use of figurative language.
The imagery tone helps one to create an image of how something spoken about looks like.
Finally I would like to know you did you really talk just about a dollhouse and how Katie missed it and her family or what message were you passing across this essay? And why did you prefer using the few writing techniques like imagery and figurative languages? I wish you can answer all my questions.
I give my regards in advance.
Your Name. Read More
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Ask the Author Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
“Ask the Author Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1”, n.d.
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