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Why the federal government should continue to fund NASA - Essay Example

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Due to the heavy debt that the United States has, many people argue that there is need to have a more balanced budget that has more emphasis on reduction of the expenditure on programs such as The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Therefore, the decision by…
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Why the federal government should continue to fund NASA
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Extract of sample "Why the federal government should continue to fund NASA"

NASA Funding al Affiliation) Why the Federal Government Should Continue To Fund NASA Due to the heavy debt that the United States has, many people argue that there is need to have a more balanced budget that has more emphasis on reduction of the expenditure on programs such as The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Therefore, the decision by the government to slash the funding given to NASA is a reactionary tactic aimed at boosting the economic strength of the United States. However, the government should not abolish or reduce the funding that the program requires.
The NASA program has both direct and indirect contributions to the economic growth of the U.S. The NASA is a scheme that encourages the growth of technology hence enhancing the creation of employment. Besides, NASA purchases heavy machinery from American and foreign manufacturers. Moreover, NASA motivates innovation in the economy (Haerens, 2012).
Apart from the creation of employment, NASA prompts the growth of the private sector. After working with the technologies and materials invented by the association, many companies are registering success. For instance, the Tempur-Pedic mattresses obtained their production idea from the experiments of NASA scientists who were trying to create comfortable seats for the pilots. The company is currently a success in the private industry.
Despite the arguments that the economy is under strain, such programs as NASA are advances that make the lives of human beings comfortable. With the assistance of NASA, many manmade satellites exist around the earth. The devices that many people use today, like the GPS systems, satellite televisions, cell phones, weather satellites, all require the man made satellites in order to perform (Showstack, 2015). These satellites require continuous servicing and upgrades, as more advanced systems come up to cope with the increased demand for technology in the current economic and social world. Consequently, reduced expenditure will hurt the efforts of this association in creating advanced systems, and hinder the tapping of important professionals in space science.
As indirect as the contribution of NASA may seem, it also provides defense for the whole planet from threats that are extraterrestrial in natures. Such threats as asteroids can be devastating to human life, as previous scientists claim it destroyed dinosaurs leading to their extinction millions of years ago (Dance, 2012). Similar experiences have been in several parts of the world including in Siberia, where the asteroid demolished an entire city. Nevertheless, the detection satellites enable people to receive signals of the dangerous space materials approaching the earth’s surface, hence diverting or destroying them before they cause extreme damage to the planet including starvation and crop failure.
Since private corporations are unwilling to take up the challenge of space exploration, the government is obliged to do this to maintain the benefits that come with space exploration to humanity. The private developers see very little profits in the short term. However, NASA requires enough funding to issue the necessary incentives for the private investments in this department. In conclusion, defense, comfort, and surety of life are the basic components of human life. Therefore, it is necessary to protect these attributes in order to enjoy social and economic stability.
Dance, A. (2012). NASA scientists fight budget cuts with cupcakes. Nature. doi:10.1038/nature.2012.10805
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Showstack, R. (2015). White House Budget Request Calls for 2.9% Increase for NASA. Eos, 96. doi:10.1029/2015eo025009 Read More
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