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Writing Today, Ch. 30, pp. 570-72; Chapter 3, pp. 27-37 - Essay Example

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I am overwhelmed about the possibility of working with Computer Forensic science Centre in the position of Computer Forensic Analyst-Digital Evidence as advertised on the Houston Forensic Science Centre. Your great experience and innovation in forensic investigation matters is…
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Writing Today, Ch. 30, pp. 570-72; Chapter 3, pp. 27-37
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Extract of sample "Writing Today, Ch. 30, pp. 570-72; Chapter 3, pp. 27-37"

< > May 3rd, HR, Recruiter Human Resource Manager Houston Forensic Science Centre
Dear Sir
I am overwhelmed about the possibility of working with Computer Forensic science Centre in the position of Computer Forensic Analyst-Digital Evidence as advertised on the Houston Forensic Science Centre. Your great experience and innovation in forensic investigation matters is so inspirational to young developing professional like me.
In my position that I held earlier as an intern in the department of IT and Computer Science in General Motors Company as an assistant software Engineer, I was so much involved in research, planning, developing, designing and testing o different programs within the Software design and development team. In this internship period, I used many computer aided devices to come up with routine calculations and therefore creating perfect project research and development timeline. As I worked on all these, I became more and more familiar with the problems that are experienced in these company and suggested and implemented many ideas to solve these problems.
In addition to this experience, I am about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Texas Wesleyan University. My concrete knowledge in Computer Science and software design will enable me to give the best services in your company as a forensic digital data analyst.
I am looking forward to being invited for an interview in your company to expound on my knowledge and experience and what I will do for your company and further discuss my suitability for this position. You can ore details on me on my attached resume.
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Writing Today, Ch. 30, pp. 570-72; Chapter 3, pp. 27-37 Essay. Retrieved from
(Writing Today, Ch. 30, Pp. 570-72; Chapter 3, Pp. 27-37 Essay)
Writing Today, Ch. 30, Pp. 570-72; Chapter 3, Pp. 27-37 Essay.
“Writing Today, Ch. 30, Pp. 570-72; Chapter 3, Pp. 27-37 Essay”, n.d.
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