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Learning Methods - Essay Example

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Learning methods cluster general ways that individuals learn. Everybody has a blend of learning methods. Some people might discover that they have a prevailing approach…
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Learning Methods
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Download file to see previous pages Consequence of this is we sometimes tag learners who use less preferred methods as “bright’ while those who apply most like techniques as dumb. These kinds of perceptions can cause and create negative and positive twists that emphasize the conviction that a person is bright or dumb.
A research on student Learning methods indicates that interesting lecture is not essentially good teaching. Even though students are entertained they might not have grasp anything. Better methods of learning are most probably been improved through an integration in the lecture of illustrative skill and other communicative approaches. Lectures are delivered by a teacher to great number f students. In most cases in person but sometimes conducted through a film or video broad cast. The advantages of applying lecturing as a learning method are; students acquire an overview of the topic quickly, continent of a subject can be controlled, allows for use of recognized, it is cost effective, it’s a common method of delivery, expert in the subject of study and students can be motivated by the lecturer. Drawbacks of lecturing are it doesn’t permit for various learning capabilities or speed of learners, it mostly viewed as boring by students, location and time are mostly directed by the lecturer. Student learning is also hard to gauge. Communication in a lecture is monologue. Audience is always passive. One needs a concise introduction and summary of the intended topic of discussion. Preparation requires time and content in order to be successful .Presentations pursue a similar approach to lecture however they are more likely to be conducted beyond formal education surroundings such as the workplace. Presentations are sometimes brief and often integrate high tech visual aids. Advantages of presentations are it can be done simultaneously. Before preparing for a presentation always keep in mind that the human brain has a typical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 1.
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