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It is also well organized and well-structured which helps the reader to read it easily. It is coherent where the reader could anticipate the direction of my essay.
The transition of ideas from one…
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Teacher What do you think are the strengths of your essay? My essay is easy to read because I used short and simple sentence structure. It is also well organized and well-structured which helps the reader to read it easily. It is coherent where the reader could anticipate the direction of my essay.
2. What do you think needs more work in your essay?
The transition of ideas from one paragraph to the next is a little awkward. I also need to proofread it more because there are certain words missing to complete the thought. I have also oversimplified the essay in some parts that made it a little awkward to read.
3. What did you find most challenging about the assignment and/or the writing process as you worked on your essay?
The most challenging part about the assignment is getting started. The first sentence is very tough to write that I have to rewrite it countless times. The first paragraph is also a challenge but not as challenging as writing the first sentence.
Organizing my thoughts in a coherent manner was also a challenge.
4. What did you learn in working on Essay 1 that you will apply when writing Essay 2?
The most important lesson that I learned in Essay 1 that I will apply when writing Essay 2 is to organize my thoughts first in an outline to make the writing easier. This way, I can just fill the ideas and words in an outline to allow me to complete an essay. Read More
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