Explanation of I Believe That Deep Down All Human Beings Are Really Good Quote by Anne Frank - Essay Example

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The author in this essay explains the quote by Anna Frank "I Believe That Deep Down All Human Beings Are Really Good". It can be interpreted to mean that despite the horrible things that people do, they are still capable of doing good. People engage in many evil activities.  …
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Explanation of I Believe That Deep Down All Human Beings Are Really Good Quote by Anne Frank
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Extract of sample "Explanation of I Believe That Deep Down All Human Beings Are Really Good Quote by Anne Frank"

"I Believe That Deep Down All Human Beings Are Really Good"--Anne Frank
The quote by Anna Frank can be interpreted to mean that despite the horrible things that people do, they are still capable of doing good. People engage in many evil activities. The human nature is not pure such that there are people who are saints. According to religious beliefs, people are meant to be sinners, despite the fact that they are encouraged to do good. The quote supports this religious perception since the author believes that people are still capable of changing and doing good deeds, no matter the nature of the evil they are committing.
The context in which the quote was written in shows that the writer was referring to the evil that was happening in the period. The Holocaust, which claimed the writer’s life, involved the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent Jews. The author believed that the evil would soon end, and peace would prevail. She had the belief that the people who were undertaking the massacre would come to their mind and realize the harm that they cause, realizing the good that is still in their hearts. The quote means that people have two sides, the good and the bad, and no matter how the evil side is, the good side can still be portrayed.
I disagree with this quote. People do certainly have good sides, but they do not apply to everybody that they interact with. For this quote to be applicable to all humans, people would be considering the implications of their actions on others before undertaking these activities. In the worst scenario, if all humans had some good on them, they would see how other people are suffering and have empathy for them. The mere assumption that humans are capable of changing does not mean that everybody can. Some people are stuck in beliefs that good will happen to them if they commit heinous actions.
There are occurrences that prove not all humans have good in them. One critical phenomenon is the historical Johnstown massacre in the US 1978 which claimed the lives of over 900 people (The Guardian, n.p). The cult leader Jim Jones forced his followed to drink poisoned juice. Those who declined were injected with the poisoned or shot dead (The Guardian, n.p). Another issue that proves not all humans have good in them is the presence of terrorist organizations such as ISIS. The ISIS members behead people and kill people in painful and horrible ways. If these people had any slight good in them, these atrocities would not be happening.
People are entirely evil. Anne Frank’s quote that people have some good inside their hearts is proven wrong by the activities that happen around her, and in the world we live today. In the context of the text, the atrocities committed during the holocaust show that people do not have any speck of goodness inside. The activities highlighted by the media in the modern world about terrorist activities also contribute to this point. If people had any good in them, these activities would be balanced in that we would be hearing of good deeds from the groups. However, all the actions that are exhibited are entirely evil.
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