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Ethics and Values in Business Management - Assignment Example

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The following assignment "Ethics and Values in Business Management" deals with an individual’s moral judgment about right or wrong that is subject to external influence. It is stated that individuals may make decisions within an entity, being influenced by the culture of the company…
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Ethics and Values in Business Management
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Extract of sample "Ethics and Values in Business Management"

Download file to see previous pages A utilitarian approach holds that the morally right course of action is the one that produces the greatest balance of benefits over harms in any situation for everyone affected. Utilitarianism aims at producing benefits regardless of whether they were arrived at by lies, coercion or manipulation. This approach argues that; individuals ought to do whatever produces more total happiness than doing anything else would. This means that the morally right action is the one that will most likely maximize utility. ‘The highest good is goodwill.’ This is the Kantian approach argument which states that to act from goodwill is to act from duty. An action is made good by the intentions behind it rather than the consequences. Motives of self-interest cannot contaminate truly moral actions since the action is truly moral only if it is morally motivated. The major assumption of this approach is that actions that enhance the bottom line are acts of self-interest (this is well illustrated from Hugo’s case). Aristotle and other Greek philosophers came up with the Justice/ Fairness Approach to ethics which states that; ‘equals should be treated equally and un equals unequally’. The moral question in this approach is: How fair is an action? Are favoritism and discrimination exhibited? Favoritism places benefits to some individuals with no justifiable reason for singling them out whereas discrimination imposes burdens on individuals who are in all aspects equal to those on whom the burdens are not placed. These two aspects of bias are unjust and wrong (Langwith, 2008).
The ability to make distinctions between competing choices is crucial in making ethical choices (Kotler, and Keller, 2009). The seven-step decision-making model is useful in making better decisions. Every decision-making model applied to begin with identifying the problem that requires a decision-making process to be established. The seven-step decision-making model is useful in making better decisions. Every decision-making model applied to begin with identifying the problem that requires a decision-making process to be established.
Hugo, an assistant brand manager for a floor cleaning system, has for a long time been disturbed by the marketing practices in the company that promulgate the physical attractiveness phenomenon. From Hugo’s case, there are various ethical issues that require a decision-making process be established and the possible courses of action undertaken. The ethical issues that this case presents are clear. Identifying these ethical issues being the first step of the decision-making process, this case is a clear indication of favoritism and discrimination according to the justice approach to decision making. The marketing practices used in this case promulgate the physical attractiveness phenomenon. The appearance of the company’s products is being depicted through physical attractiveness to serve as an informational cue from which extensive information of the products is inferred. This triggers assumptions causing powerful effects that are beneficial for individuals whose appearance is higher in physical attractiveness and detrimental for individuals whose appearance is lower in physical attractiveness. According to the utilitarian approach, this course of action produces maximum benefits for the company at large.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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