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For instance, in Stephen King’s novel entitled “Christine”, Arnie’s car is given a feminine name and it becomes the only thing that…
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Download file to see previous pages in women or cars and that is perhaps the reason why King used a feminine personification for the car to make Arnie’s relationship with it look like a love triangle, that is, if Leigh is added in the picture. Using a male personification for the car could not have as compelling as when it was given a female name. In the following paragraphs, it will be made clear that if Christopher took the character of Christine, the story would not have been impressive or effective for King’s objectives in the novel. In addition, the standard perception of men in relation to cars, the stereotypical female lover who is possessive, jealous, cunning, devious and their unconventional characteristic of being a hero will be discussed to further explain why Christopher cannot be as an effective character as Christine.
Arnie is the bullied type of character in his school and hometown. He is described in the novel as “pizza-face” with his pimples often oozing and he had only one friend, Dennis. This means, he was the type of guy who surely is still a virgin when his age mates changed girlfriends a number of times already. With such physical characteristics, King’s story would not be believable if Arnie suddenly turns into an extreme character, dating the most beautiful girl in school. Therefore, the author uses an obsession to an old car that Arnie thinks he could turn into a beauty, as the reason for Arnie’s transformation. When Arnie bought the car, there have been changes in his character which only girls can have an influence on in boys, or at least that is how parents often see it. He turned from the “yes sir/yes ma’am” boy he had been for seventeen years to a “man” who fights for the things he believes in. Yes, he turned into a man just like when a boy does when he gets his first sexual experience. Although Arnie’s relationship with the car is not sexual at all, the fact that it is named Christine, a female name, it is made to look like he just had his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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