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The author examines the poem ‘so this is Nebraska’ authored by Ted Kooser in which the poet has used a variety of stylistic devices that makes the poem more understandable and interesting. The use of personification has been used majorly in the poem. …
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Poetry Free Writing
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Poetry Free Writing In the poem ‘so this is Nebraska’ by Ted Kooser, the poet has used a variety of stylistic devices that makes the poem more understandable and interesting. The use of personification has been used majorly in the poem. In the poem, the use of personification is found in ‘with your hand only squeezing the air’. Another instance where representation has been employed in the poem is in the sentence ‘top deep in hollyhocks, pollen, and bees (Longenbach 33).’ The statement was putting clear on how their relationship was so intimate and they had much attraction as the pollen attracts the bee.
Personification also comes in when a poet point out ‘the pickup kicks its fenders off and settles back to read the clouds.’ The author is bringing into our understanding that was setting off for the journey, and it was being driven at a high speed (Longenbach 37). The author to ease our understanding also has used repletion. ‘You feel like that; you feel like letting you tires go flat. Metaphors as a style have been used. In the sentence letting, ‘the mice build a nest in your muffler,’ give an illustration that is impossible and will not happen.
These statements ‘clucking with chickens or sticky with horny or holding a skinny old man in your lap’ had a metaphoric comparison (Longenbach 66). The author was putting some sense on how desperate and meaningless he had become. The author had a feeling that one-day hope will come along his way, and all this suffering will end.
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Longenbach, James. Modern Poetry after Modernism. Oxford University Press. pp. 9, 103. ISBN 0-19-510178-2. 1997 Read More
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Poetry Free Writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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