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Other topic - Essay Example

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Movies give better pictures of a narrative because of the qualities of moving characters and objects that definitely appeal to the viewer’s sense of sight. In…
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Other topic
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Download file to see previous pages Since earlier films were often limited by finances, actions and time, their production sometimes do not show the whole story. For instance, Stephen King’s “Christine” has several differences in the novel and the film. Changes in the story may either make it better or worse and in the case of King’s novel, perhaps due to time constraints, some omissions weakened the story. In the following paragraphs, changes in the movie such as the setting, Arnie’s physical description, the omissions of the characters of Sandy Galton, Buddy Repperton’s friend and Jimmy Sykes, Darnell’s character and the fight between a man and Arnie based from the novel will be discussed in relation to how they affected or not the story’s effectiveness.
In the novel, the story is set in Pennsylvania while in the movie, it is in California. The difference in the setting does not make a strong effect on the story because the scenes were set in order to resemble at most the ones described in the story. Moreover, there are perhaps not many cultural or scenic differences between the two places that would have altered the story. In addition, King tells in his novel that Arnie is wears glasses and has pimples. As his friend Dennis describes him, “Arnie was pimple city” (3). In the movie, although the aforementioned character wears glasses, his face is pimple-free. However, the difference does not make any Arnie a better-looking character in the movie. He is, as depicted in the novel, still a teenager who is the picture of an easy target of the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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