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Argumentative Research - Essay Example

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It started from 1947 until now. Most of the people are sure that anyone listed in the registry is a child molester or a rapist. In most of the states, a man is required to register if they are caught visiting…
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Argumentative Research
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Extract of sample "Argumentative Research"

Diversity Diversity All the s in America keep a register of the sex offenders. It started from 1947 until now. Most of the people are sure that anyone listed in the registry is a child molester or a rapist. In most of the states, a man is required to register if they are caught visiting prostitutes. Currently, the entry is increasing with up to 674,000 from last December last year due to the online registration (The Economist, 2009). Britain has more offenders compared to other states. The registers are popular in America, and there are three arguments for the American sex laws. They include harsh treatment of the minor offences, engaging the offender’s family, and failure to protect the innocent. The sex laws in America are unjust.
Harsh treatment of the minor offences
Small and large offences are treated the same way, which is not fair. For example teenagers who engage in sex, they are legally allowed to be punishable by law. In addition, those sharing revealing photos get the same punishment with those who have committed the rape offence. The law puts their names in their registry (The Economist, 2009). The teenagers do not have the knowledge about the sex laws but they undergo the same treatment as if they were acquitted with the law. It is not fair to treat the cases the same. In the end, this ruins their lives and this is an issue per se to punish and publish their names in the registry of sex offenders.
The law engages their families
The American sex law punishes both the offender and their families. Not anyone with the offence is allowed to interact with other people directly. An example is a man who once slept with their girlfriend is not allowed to take his children to the playground or any public place (The Economist, 2009). The children are likely to suffer because of the offence committed by their dad thirty or so years ago. Notably, this is an unfair treatment of the innocent children. In addition, restraining the sex offenders from finding a job a home makes likely to reoffend.
The innocent are not properly protected
The police are not able to identify and trace the dangerous offences due to the registration of pretty offenders. Some of the serious offenders go unrealized and un-convicted. It is unfair because, those with mere cases get severe punishment and leaving those with serious offences (The Economist, 2009). It is hard to get the most dangerous offenders due to the large number of offenders. They operate under very tight budget to sustain the huge and swelling sex-offenders.
The law is unfair and it makes it difficult to re-design America’s sex laws. The state must take a hand in assessing each of the persons on an individual basis. It is also relevant to include real threats. The state may also improve the same by giving authority only to the police who would then give the information to the interested parties such as schools. On the same note, some of the employers do not mind employing sex offenders as long as know their story (The Economist, 2009). The customers and other employees view the offenders online and this is unfair. It is important to note that these are terrible crimes and in most cases, the victims are traumatised. In conclusion, sex offenders have a self-defeating pillory, unfair engagement with the family, minor offenders being treated the same, as the major offenders are some of the major concerns of unjust sex laws in America. Finally, the young do not have proper protection. The state must engage them in sex laws and education to ensure that they have the right knowledge and skills.
The Economist. (2009). Illiberal Politics - Americas unjust sex Laws Read More
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Argumentative Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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