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The criteria’s that shape our perception are threefold, Statistical, Cultural and Evolutionary (Woodfield, 1976). Cultural perceptions are based on social rules while a Statistical rarity is something that deviates from…
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Download file to see previous pages So in many ways normal and abnormal are in the eyes of the beholder. The human mind adapts and changes over time and in so doing changes its perceptions of normal and abnormal. Further, that which was considered as normal years ago may be considered abnormal today (Plante, 2006).
In our first example, we will look at a phenomenon that is considered normal now but will be seen as abnormal in the future. We will examine the developments in robotics and medical technology. At present advances in medical technology have enabled the human race to transplant organs and replace malfunctioning livers and kidney. However more is yet to come. Medical technology will in the future be able to significantly alter the human race to astounding levels (Kurzweil, 2006). These discoveries will be able to stop ageing, enhance memory and increase human performance. Medical technology will be able to recreate the human race. While we are already witnessing some forms of human alteration through medical intervention the future will change what we presently consider normal very abnormal. Presently the use of prosthetics has enabled scientists to recreate limbs. For example disabled South African athlete Oscar Pistorius competed in the 2012 Olympics men using carbon fiber blades. A decade ago his feat was unimaginable. Presently athletes’ using bionics or performance enhancing drug are regarded as unfair and cheats, but as technology advances and everyone has access to these technologies objections will cease .In other words we will no longer see disabled athletes as disadvantaged. Take this train of thought further and one will realize how far medical technology will go in the future such that it will be abnormal to view human beings as disabled or ageing. Science will be able to significantly alter, rectify and enhance the human form and performance through the use of technology and drugs. This is known ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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