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The Critique of Corn planting, Jasper County, Iowa by John Vachon - Essay Example

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The paper contains the critique of “Corn planting, Jasper County, Iowa" by John Vachon. The constructed thesis in the essay is strong, and it is a summation of what the image seeks to convey. The prelude tells of the retrieval source of the image and detailing the activity portrayed and location.   …
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The Critique of Corn planting, Jasper County, Iowa by John Vachon
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Extract of sample "The Critique of Corn planting, Jasper County, Iowa by John Vachon"

Free write 3 (E) The constructed thesis in essay is indeed strong, and it is a summation of what the image seeks to convey. The prelude is simple and tells of the retrieval source of the image, as well as detailing the activity portrayed and location. The domineering theme as explicated in the thesis posits a traditional technique used in carrying out cultivation in some years back. The location is Iowa with John Vachon as the architect behind its drawing, which happened in 1940. It depicts a man applying the conventional method of cultivation where horses pull the plough. Essay 1 makes it clear that the color contrast implies the time of the day when the farmer carried the described activity. Adding information such as the farm size can back up the thesis. The size of the farm is large, which implies the availability of land before population increase occurred in the present time. Thus, with all these detail, the constructed thesis in essay 1 is for sure strong.
The draft of essay 1 entails a well representation of the key segments of the assignment, which encompasses the description, interpretation and meaning of the photo as recorded or staged. The draft meets the first section of the assignment by giving a vivid description of the photo. As described in the draft, the image is an illustration of the farming method in the erstwhile generations (Vachon 1). The second segment of the assignment seeks to unravel and interpret the underlying meaning of the photo. The contrasting white and black color tells of the period when Vachon drew the image. The photo is recorded since it captures a scene that appears existing.
Work Cited
Vachon, John. “Corn planting, Jasper County, Iowa.” Library of Congress, May, 1940. Web. April 27, 2015. Read More
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