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The challenge of climate change calls for global effort from countries that have trade links with China. The White House proposes the…
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Essay+week journal
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Download file to see previous pages The responsibilities of individuals, organizations, and government entail proposing informed principles related to the dilemma of climate change in China. United States will come in to address the process because of the economic benefits of China. There are firms in United States that have outsourced their work to China to save on cost and increase the volume of production. The White House acknowledges climate change to have direct impact on innovation, economic growth and the sustainable development of both China and United States. evaluates climate change in China by addressing the viewpoints, roles, and efforts of United States and China. Climate Change in China calls for the commitment of all the countries with high emissions to put in measures on reducing the release. A bilateral agreement between United States and China was instituted in 2014 to encourage safe industrial production through governmental commitment. However, a multilateral agreement on climate change in China would have boosted the efforts but it was impossible to seek global commitment. United States and China are involved in bilateral agreements because they are the leading countries with highest carbon emissions. China should be optimistic about the challenge of climate change because of the possible dangers that it poses to other countries. The People’s Republic of China has envisioned a platform where the energy goals are met but with reduced emissions. An investment in the energy innovation would come in handy to help address emissions. The method can utilize the efforts of enterprises, regions and countries instead of restricting the efforts to china alone.
The next ten or twenty years in China might offset the yield and infrastructure in the country ( The huge impacts of climate change call for bilateral agreements with the leading countries in carbon emissions. However, China should play an integral role in the noble cause of fighting climate change to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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