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During 1950s, experts told American women that finding husbands and breastfeeding were their primary roles (Friedan 2). Women were discouraged from pursuing…
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Women oppression in the united States
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Women Oppression in the United s In the past, American women only embraced marriage and childbearing, which they perceived as source of happiness. During 1950s, experts told American women that finding husbands and breastfeeding were their primary roles (Friedan 2). Women were discouraged from pursuing professional career because of the idea that it made them unfeminine (Friedan 15). In 1950s, the main aspiration for young women was to find husbands leading to a fall in marriage age and rise in number of births (Friedan 3). However, it emerged that women were increasingly becoming unhappy despite increased marriages and exploding infant population. The reality was dawning on American women that marriage and childbearing were not a guarantee for happiness. In the past, women were expected to take care of their families and perform domestic cores rather than looking for work. The society considered working women less feminine (Friedan 15).young women who left college prioritized getting married and siring children than anything else. However, housewives were increasingly becoming discontented with the kind of life they were leading, which was akin to prison life. They were becoming bored and desperate (Friedan 9). Many American women were privately seeking the services of psychiatrists as they suffered from fatigue because of numerous chores.
Ancient American women mainly focused on domestic duties rather than pursue formal jobs, which were a preserve for men. The women were getting bored and desperate following their home routines. The women were obliging to the expert advice that their role was to find husbands and sire children then take care of their families. However, things have changed. The issue of gender equality has become more important than ever before. Women should be allowed to work and given equal job opportunities as their male counterparts. Women have high potential that could be exploited beyond the confines of their matrimonial homes. Read More
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