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Are Police Consistently Using Excessive Force - Essay Example

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These accusations sometimes have no basis and they are completely exaggerated
Questions raised on police using excessive force are issue are misplaced and…
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Extract of sample "Are Police Consistently Using Excessive Force"

Slide A police force is a organ man d in protection of property, limit civil order, enforce the law and assist in emergencies such as accidents and fire break-outs
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Police beat civilian which sometimes results to death. Their confrontation tactics with suspects violates human rights as they fulfill their desires.
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Good Police personnel do not use excessive force when dealing with dangerous situations although they are accused to do so. These accusations sometimes have no basis and they are completely exaggerated
In support of this I will discuss opinions from:
Those that argue that police use excessive force and,
Those that believe it is wrong to accuse police of using excessive force
Questions raised on police using excessive force are issue are misplaced and do not focus on matters that matter most. Therefore before making any utterance public should enquire on ways to avoid any confrontation with the police. Stress suffered by the police sometimes unwise conclusions that result to excessive force and job inefficiency. This results from noncooperation from the public, poor working conditions and lack of public support.
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Instead of beating suspected individuals they should employ professional ways to gather information from them. The training of police should encompass means of handling stress that can trigger violence against people. Despite this people captured should cooperate with the police in order to attain justice.
Despite the police force being portrayed as violent by civilian journalism they should work in conjunction with all people to deliver their mandate. This can only be attained through efficient training and help from the civilian to facilitate effective duty execution. Read More
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