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How can international students' English level affect their use of social media in the process of choosing universities - Essay Example

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A descriptive cross-sectional study is advantageous to the researcher since it is easier and quicker to conduct; data is collected once and it is possible to…
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How can international students' English level affect their use of social media in the process of choosing universities
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Extract of sample "How can international students' English level affect their use of social media in the process of choosing universities"

Download file to see previous pages The researcher used both the questionnaires and oral interview methods to adequately collect primary data from the respondents. A section of the questionnaires was emailed to the respondents and others were administered directly by the researcher. The questionnaires incorporated the use of both the closed and open ended questions. The open ended questions are significant in a research study for they give the respondent a room to respond to give more information left out by the researcher when he or she was designing the questionnaire (Reja, 2003, p. 160-167). The questionnaires used a five Likert scale with items; strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree or disagree, agree and strongly agree. Before the interviews were conducted and before the questionnaires were sent to the sample population, the researcher sought permission from the respective university managements to authorize him to collect data from the sample population.
A pilot study was conducted by the researcher prior the administration of the questionnaires on at least 5 respondents. This was to test for the validity and reliability of the questionnaires that were used in the study. According to Ceswell (2010, p. 32), 10 percent of the sample is to constitute the pilot test or the pilot study-rule of thumb. Also, there were no ethical concerns raised by the respondents both in the time of conducting the interviews and filling in of the questionnaires. Further, the participation of the respondents in the study was plainly voluntary. No respondent was forced to participate in the study at any circumstance.
Although both the target and the sample populations incorporated UK and non UK students, the research study was mainly targeting the international university students pursuing studies in the UK. This is because these students have a better understanding of the researcher’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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