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Before starting my classes as an international student, my main concern regarding my academic writing was to avoid grammatical errors such as missing comma after introductory element, semi colon mistakes, and subject and verb agreement mistakes. My strategy was to use simple…
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Before starting my es as an international my main concern regarding my academic writing was to avoid grammatical errors such as missingcomma after introductory element, semi colon mistakes, and subject and verb agreement mistakes. My strategy was to use simple language in order to avoid grammar mistakes. I thought my lessons involved evaluating my writing skills based on how much grammar and spelling mistakes are found in the writing.
However, the class was different from my thought. We used to write one entry blog per week and solving many academic writing tasks from graduate student’s book. In the class, we discussed these tasks where everyone was asked to express their own opinion. Imperatively, none of our feedbacks were absolutely correct; we discussed our answers extensively and learnt a lot from the exercises. We learned how to construct academic papers, starting with the introduction and then various components in the results and discussion parts. In addition, we learned strategies for planning, drafting, revising, and editing our academic writing through critique group. With the assistance of my professor and my peers, I learned discovered my weaknesses and as a result, I formulated and implemented strategies to avoid them. As a result, my grammar has recorder tremendous achievement as I am able to speak fluently and write correctly structured sentences. My confidence in the language has been beefed up and thus I am now able to engage in conversation and debates that are conducted in correctly spoken English
In conclusion, the class was enjoyable and very useful. I am very grateful to Dr. Brisch for all the assistance that he accorded me during my lessons. I am now well equipped to handle any tasks that involve correct grammar and sentencing. Furthermore, I feel more comfortable and ready for writing academic paper. This class has given us the necessary tools and the ability to write and publish in prestigious scientific journals. Read More
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Refliction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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