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The author explains how he/she writes a reflective account. The author identifies key identifies learning points, diversity, dynamism, and sensitivity, awareness, motivation, and skills of presentation, actions that need to be taken and assisting goals in the future development of study skills.      …
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How Will I Write Reflective Account
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Download file to see previous pages Personally, my interest in both academics and life, in general, constitutes a good source for a reflective account. Key Learning Points Personal interests, especially in academics, revolves around growth and development in the specific field that offers a course that builds a long lasting career without the need to change from one career to another. This depicts an aspect of fully grown interests that have been met given the pursued course. For me, my academic and career experience is a field in which I have several learning points. These learning points lay down a systematic structure which leads to the achievement of desired results without difficulty, representing success, growth, and development in that particular field. These key learning points make a good reflective account if one particular experience is critically considered, and they include: Diversity, dynamism and sensitivity My current academic and career experiences have never depicted an aspect of static systems over the years. Change has characterized almost every aspect of my life. For this reason, embracing change cannot be ignored. I have to integrate this change in my line of interest if I am to remain competitive in expressing one or more experiences I have had in a reflective account. Being diverse encompasses being different from the usual. Different people have portrayed different personal, regional and national cultures, making it even more necessary to embrace change in the context of diversity. Sensitivity goes beyond personal feeling and opinion. It integrates external observations such that the reflected on at such an instance denotes internal and external rather than fixed concepts. Awareness and training Writing a reflective account is not an easy task (Youll, 2005). The experiences aforementioned may vary depending on the specific idea that I may want to include in the account. It is important that I be aware of these differences so that the specific account I want to focus in best brings out the meaning of a reflective account. Awareness is not a onetime achievement due to the differences aforementioned.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Will I Write Reflective Account Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
How Will I Write Reflective Account Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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