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1- Studying Abroad, a Culture Shock. 2- Experience Of Traveling . 3- The Harmful of Air Pollution in Red Traffic Lights - Essay Example

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The Journal (article?) of Prashant Kumar who is obtaining a PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge (UK) and master`s degree (MTech) in Environmental Engineering and Management from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India),“Characterization of nanoparticle…
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1- Studying Abroad, a Culture Shock. 2- Experience Of Traveling . 3- The Harmful of Air Pollution in Red Traffic Lights
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Extract of sample "1- Studying Abroad, a Culture Shock. 2- Experience Of Traveling . 3- The Harmful of Air Pollution in Red Traffic Lights"

Download file to see previous pages In his journal (article?), Dr. Kumar is trying to emphasize the importance of studying air pollution as a risk to human beings at the global level and convince the readers about the significance of this health risk at red traffic lights in particular. I think Dr. Prashant uses a good technique writing his paper, which includes pathos, logos, ethos, tons, purpose, and minds audience. And I am going to explain how he does that and where.
Dr. Kumar first underlines huge impact of pollution for human health by stating that the World Health Organization has linked air pollution to “seven million premature deaths every year.” This technique consequently suggests that the paper and the science article are formal and professionally written to engage the readers’ attention.
People around the world are not that curious to read about air pollution, however the fact of seven million premature deaths every year will make people want to know how to avoid that, as it made me. The author particularly uses the World Health Organization’s statement as a background information and support to emphasize the importance of his study on the air pollution. Also since Prashant Kumar is a Doctor from the University of Surrey, he got his master`s degree in Environmental Engineering and Management, which gave him more credibility or Ethos in readers’ eyes and made his arguments seem more valid to the audience.
The reader is basically any person in our society who is concerned about their health but this article can relate more to the people who are more sensitive to air pollution like senior citizens, pregnant women and children. Pregnant women as an audience will be even more interested as Dr. Kumar emphasizes “seven million premature deaths every year.” In this way, the author may have been engaged in the emotions of the readers as well, so it can be said that there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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