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Ana Acton’s article “The Progressive Case against Assisted Suicide” advocates for equality in accessing health care services by the disabled group and the critically ill. According to Ana Action, it is apparent that those living with disabilities do not enjoy full…
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2 Synthesis paragraphs
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Synthesis Article One Ana Acton’s article “The Progressive Case against Assisted Suicide” advocates for equality in accessing health care services by the disabled group and the critically ill. According to Ana Action, it is apparent that those living with disabilities do not enjoy full treatment and medical coverage services in some states. This is because some states wanted to institutionalize the vulnerable groups in order to sideline them and deny them the freedom to live in other parts of the community (Acton, n. p).
Similarly, Acton states that assisted suicide is facing criticisms because some physicians are full of errors while others serve the interests of other parties (Acton, n. p). The author suggests that, “Physician assisted suicide disproportionately affects the poor and people living with disabilities (Acton, n. p).” This implies that the assisted suicide affects the poor and people living with disabilities who cannot afford other health care services. The medical institutions are profit-driven in which doctors try to minimize costs by reducing care. The physicians fear that the medical expenses incurred by the vulnerable groups will surpass their medical coverage limitations, leading to losses at the hospitals. The notion of undermining the disabled has been thwarted by the state governments with legislations aimed at empowering them to enjoy services like others. For instance, Oregon has a comprehensive medical plan that supports assisted suicide patients by allowing them to obtain lethal drugs (Acton, n. p).
The author suggests that, “the six month rule that only patients with less than six months to live can qualify for assisted suicide (Acton, n. p).” However, the mentally ill are given the lethal drugs due to faulty prognosis conducted by the physicians. This arises if the doctors feel that someone is mentally ill and having the lethal drug would be the only amicable choice for them. The other protection of the vulnerable patients is the six-month rule in which the sick with a minimum of six months to live can qualify for the assisted suicide (Acton, n. p).
Article Two
In another article, George Dvorsky contends that it should be someone’s rights to request for assisted suicide. The author contends that, “As it stands, physician-assisted suicide is illegal in most jurisdictions (Dvorsky, n. p).” The notion is that people should be ready to observe laws that support assisted suicide, especially in the era of technological adoption. Life support systems are gaining recognition in hospitals and this shall enhance life extension (Dvorsky, n. p). Alternatively, assisted suicide is illegal in some states in which it becomes difficult for one to have the freedom of procuring to the system. This is because the states support natural death in which a disease is the central cause leading to that suicide (Dvorsky, n. p). As a result, the states consider ethics in the administration of medical services due to historical, religious and cultural values. It is apparent that religious teachings prohibit personal determination of death by accepting assistance from physicians.
It is evident in the article that, Physician assisted suicide is fundamentally inconsistent with the physicians professional role (Dvorsky, n. p). ” Although assisted suicide is a common practice, the misconception is that assisted suicide will encourage exploitations once it is legalized in some states across the world. The tendency will also diminish the value of life when the terminally ill are forced to accept the verdict of assisted suicide. Researchers have contributed in the development of medical services, which should help in reducing the assisted suicide cases (Dvorsky, n. p). Dvorsky insists that the service is offensive to the terminally ill patients because of the notion that they are unwanted in the families or society. In this regard, the various concerns and benefits of assisted suicide do not require legislative approval, but ethical measures should guide its procurement (Dvorsky, n. p).
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