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In this chapter the author has outlined various benefits associated with realistic thinking. These benefits include the realization of the consequences associated with a…
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Employ Realistic Thinking
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Employ Realistic Thinking The chapter d as Employ Realistic Thinking, the focuses on thinking in a realistic manner. In this chapter the author has outlined various benefits associated with realistic thinking. These benefits include the realization of the consequences associated with a particular action, the realization of the plan that can help an individual and an organization attain their goals, the realization and acceptance of change with the idea that an individual can attain a certain change. Furthermore, thinking in a realistic manner encourages others to accept the ideas of the thinker and even helps in developing credibility in the eyes of others. Thinking realistically even helps in converting dreams into attainments and it helps an individual accept failure. The chapter even focuses on the various skills, knowledge and abilities that are required to think in a realistic manner.
Some of the most important qualities of an individual who thinks in a realistic manner include:
The acceptance of the true conditions of a situation and give more importance to their failures instead of being happy about successes. Furthermore,
Realistic thinker even indulges in making decisions and generating ideas based on facts and reality instead of using instinct and judgments.
They even need to have the ability to weigh the costs as well as benefits of ideas and decisions and they should not only base decisions on pros.
He/she should have the ability or the quality of identifying and analyzing the worst case scenario or what could possible go wrong due to a decision.
Realistic thinker makes decisions in consistency with the resources they have available. Read More
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Employ Realistic Thinking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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