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All she does is not intended to hurt anyone. Emilia is acting with sheer innocence. She is not aware of Iago’s plan to destroy their boss Othello or even aware of the hatred that Iago has for Othello. Iago is very…
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Haven't choose a topic. Please help make one
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Download file to see previous pages Iago believes that he has the potential, desired characteristics and qualifications necessary for the position in question. He says, “And I know my worth well enough to know I deserve that position.” He is against Othello’s choice for the position that spikes his hatred for him. Othello on his part prefers Cassio a guy from Florence to be his assistant rather than Iago. Iago confines in Roderigo about his anger and eventual plan. Iago, on the other hand, sees Cassio as unsuitable for that position accorded to him. Iago says, “He has never commanded men in any battle. He’s got no more hands to the knowledge of warfare than an old woman.” His loyalty to Othello is also in the balance due him being left out, and this comes out when he asks Roderigo if he should fell loyal to Othello after e betrayed him.
Iago hates his master Othello, and this illustration is evident when he tells Roderigers that his main reason for serving Othello is to get what he wants. And he is only hiding his real feelings about the job in order to get enough time to execute his plans, Iago states, “ I’m not whom I appear to be.” His friend Roderigo who also has a grudge with Othello for taking away the woman he had always dreamed of marrying, Brabantio’s daughter and the love of his life from him. Ths situation is decribed by statements like “The native act and figure of my heart. In compliment extern, ’tis not long after. But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve. For daws to peck at. I am not what I am” (I.i.57–65).He found an excellent chance to get back at Othello for this reason and therefore supporting Iago as he was to achieve too. When Othello secretly gets married to Desdemona, Iago, and his ally raises an alarm at Brabantio’s house informing him of what had happened behind his back. Iago then quickly leaves the place to join his master so that he is not suspected to have been part of the betrayal. He saysof him, “IAGO Even now, now, very now, an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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