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What is intellectual culture and how do college students and teachers might promote it - Essay Example

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Intellectual culture relates to a combination of two words that posses different meaning on their own but once put together present an overall different meaning. Intellectual is derived from the word intellect and is used to refer to an individual who engages in critical study,…
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What is intellectual culture and how do college students and teachers might promote it
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Extract of sample "What is intellectual culture and how do college students and teachers might promote it"

Promoting Intellectual Culture in Colleges Intellectual culture relates to a combination of two words that posses different meaning on their own but once put together present an overall different meaning. Intellectual is derived from the word intellect and is used to refer to an individual who engages in critical study, thought as well as reflection relating to the reality within societal systems while also ensuring presenting solutions for the normative challenges affecting the society (Ferrari 43). Through ensuring provision of such solutions, the person manages to gain command or possess authority on the basis of public opinion. Culture on the other hand relates to the way of life of a certain group of individuals that possess similar characteristics in the manner they approach issues or behave. From the college concept, intellectual culture will therefore entail developing culture that ensures value as well as supporting an intellectual approach to problems while it may also imply adopting concepts as well as methods comprising of cultures agreeable from an intellectual perspective. College students and teachers might promote intellectual culture through overcoming stereotypes, advocating on team work and adhering to rules.
Overcoming stereotypes certainly an essential factor to ensure achievement of intellectual culture. Teachers knowing the students and understanding their academic capabilities while students understand their teachers is essential. Overcoming these stereotypes is essential as all parties become well positioned without barriers to effective learning that as a result ensures creation of an intellectual culture where the students and teachers work towards a common goal of academic excellence.
Other than overcoming stereotypes, enhancing team work is an essential factor in creating intellectual culture within a College institution. Creation of team work ensures innovation, developing of learning approaches and critical thinking. Working together as a team ensures team members develop their learning approaches relating to how they tackle questions relating to various questions as they learn from their peers (Ferrari 79). Innovation is also enhanced among team members owing to the fact that a team finds it easier to start a project as opposed to an individual. Since group work involves discussions, and analysis of projects through presenting ideas or brainstorming, critical thinking is ensured among the group members.
While overcoming stereotypes and teamwork prove essential in ensuring promoting intellectual culture, adhering to rules governing an institution is equally important. Teachers and students need to ensure adherence to the set rules to ensure that they understand the system, understand the right curricular and avoid wastage of time. Understanding how the system operates furthers the goals of achieving intellectual culture with understanding the right curricular ensuring focusing time and energy on what is required. Time management on the other hand will ensure that both the teachers and students remain focused on achieving academic excellence.
In conclusion, teachers and students possess the capability of promoting intellectual culture through overcoming stereotypes, focusing on group work as well adhering to the set guidelines. Since intellectual culture calls for an approach that develops a way of life in learning institutions that support a factual way of solving challenges, application of these concepts in a college setup will prove essential. Attainment of an intellectual culture will require a concentrated focus on the concepts aiming at improving the intellectual capacity of every student with teachers proving essential in assisting with such requirements and platform.
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