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Becoming a teacher - Essay Example

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Becoming a teacher Institutional Affiliation: Introduction A teacher refers to an individual who offers education for students or pupils depending on the level of education they are in. Most of the times, the role of a teacher is official and constant…
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Becoming a teacher
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Download file to see previous pages A teacher always uses a lesson plan for facilitation of student learning, offering a course study referred to as a curriculum. A curriculum according to formal education refers to planned interaction of students and pupils with materials, instructional content, resources and process for the purpose of evaluating the achievement of educational goals. Other definitions used to refer to curriculum include: All the education processes which are deliberated and guided by the education institution, whether it is performed individually or in groups, within or outside the institutional compound. Outlines the values, performances, skills, and attitudes pupils are expected to learn from the process of schooling. It comprises of statements of required pupil outcomes, the planned sequence and descriptions of materials that will be needed and implemented to help students achieve their goals. The total education experience provided by an educational institution. It includes the syllabus, the strategies and other aspects, like values and norms in an educational environment. The roles of teachers vary among cultures since they engage in provision of education but under different fields. Teachers may therefore provide information in different fields including: arts, civics, literacy, numeracy, life skills and community roles. All these fields are covered in educational institutions where teachers provide information in regards to their areas of specialisation. It is in this case clear that, teachers graduate from their various colleges and universities having specialised in certain fields (Vygotsky, 1978, 48). This is the reason why a teacher is not able to provide education on all the subjects covered in educational institutions. These areas of specialisation that teachers provide information on are referred to as curriculum subjects. They are the units that students and pupils learn in various institutions. For a teacher to be enrolled in a certain educational institution, there are various standards that should be met. There are rules and regulations that govern teachers for them to carry out effective teaching making certain that all the pupils and students are well taught and that they get to understand what they are being taught (Piaget, 2001. 65). Every teacher here in the United Kingdom is expected to follow these rules and regulations to the latter. This essay seeks to explain the strategies of teaching and learning that can be implemented in English language. As a teacher i intend to implement learning and teaching strategies that will make my class understand everything in the English unit and do well in their exams at the end of the day. In teaching there are various rules and regulations that should be followed in order to make teaching effective. These standards should be followed and kept by all teaching staff. This gives a clear impression that teachers have to keep certain standards of behaviour in their working areas to make certain that their teaching undertakings are effective enough to students and pupils (Alexander, 2010, 76). Teachers are important individuals in the society because they offer knowledge to pupils and students which mould them for better future. This is an issue which makes them to be viewed as important people because without them, students and pupils cannot acquire knowledge needed in life. In this case, they are considered individuals who take part in hard work especially teachers in the lower levels where the pupils are so ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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