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Analyze the role of one or more of the minor characters - Essay Example

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As much as the main story revolves around the main characters such as Nora Helmer and Torvald Helmer who is the husband. To begin…
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Analyze the role of one or more of the minor characters
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Extract of sample "Analyze the role of one or more of the minor characters"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, when she spends a lot of money on the Christmas gifts, it becomes a call for worry to the husband Torvald. At that time, the husband chides and mocks the wife on her extravagance as other characters in the story are introduced and they are brought to place.
To begin with, there is Helene, who is a maid and works in the house of the Helmers. As much as the ordinary eyes or a literary commentator may appreciate the magnitude of the roles of the main characters, she adds to the overall plot of the story. It is my guided opinion and respectful line of thought that the fact that Helene id present in the story, it builds to the direction that the Helmers lived a considerably wealthy life of opulence and comfort. Thus, when she announces that a friend of Mr. Torvald Helmer has arrived, it elevates the status and societal position of the Helmers (Canby 13). The relevance and contribution of this announcement seeks to distinguish and separate the status and novelty of the Helmers to a relatively higher hierarchy of the society. It is important to note and mention that a person who can afford a housemaid can be considered to be well off or a person of class and social status.
Secondly, when she mentions that a dear friend of Torvald Helmer called Dr Rank had gone to visit the Helmers. A doctor is also a valuable and respectable member of the society and the fact that one could be friends with one shows that one is of repute and consideration. Thus. Helene as a character is used to show the difference in class and stature that exists between the Helmers and the rest of the society who are poor or ordinary people. In retrospect, the fact that the Helmers are friends with the doctor, Dr Rank shows that he and his wife were people of relative means and ability in the society.
Another minor character who adds and contributes to the general flow of the story in terms of these and plot is Kristine Linde, who happened to be ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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