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The lecture and test approach works well where the primary goal is that students must be able to recall the facts (Beirne and Velsor, 2012). If the objective of the course requires the students…
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Matching Objectives to Instruction
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Matching Objectives to Instruction The instructional strategies selected by a teacher depend on the objectives. The lecture and test approach works well where the primary goal is that students must be able to recall the facts (Beirne and Velsor, 2012). If the objective of the course requires the students to apply course material, then the best strategy is to present factual material through readings and lectures (Rawlins and Metzger, 2014). In addition to presenting facts, show the learners how to generalize ideas from the background knowledge and provide the students with many opportunities to use newly learned principles. For students to learn and remember a concept, they need to see multiple examples.They also need to gain generalization knowledge, and apply the concept via application activity, which is very close to the real world.
The lecture and test approach requires students to memorize facts as the main objective (Beirne and Velsor, 2012). The strategy helps the instructor to evaluate the students’ understanding of the lesson content. It fits well in administering history classes and other classes that do not require other activities apart from memorizing facts.
If the lecture objective is to make the learners to apply lecture content, then the teacher has several activities to do (Rawlins and Metzger, 2014). After presenting the facts through reading and lecturing, the instructor must show the learners how to make knowledge generalizations from background knowledge. The background knowledge presents itself from discussions, study problems or assignments and provides the students with opportunities to apply the learned principles in papers, laboratory experiments, case studies, examinations and small group projects. The application of the strategy is in teaching mathematics, sciences and other associated subjects that require content application.
Beirne, D., & Velsor, K. (2012). Engaging students: Using the unit in comprehensive lesson planning
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Matching Objectives to Instruction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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