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Sexual violence - Essay Example

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Joyce had prepared the speech well and exhibited a mastery of the issues centering on sexual abuse. Her definition of the sexual violence indicated that the speaker…
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Sexual violence
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Extract of sample "Sexual violence"

Sexual Violence The speech about sexual violence on campus presented by Laura Christine Joyce was informing and well-researched. Joyce had prepared the speech well and exhibited a mastery of the issues centering on sexual abuse. Her definition of the sexual violence indicated that the speaker had in-depth knowledge about the subject matter. The speaker articulated the reasons why the underreporting of the cases of sexual assault exists on the campus. Notably, Joyce argued that people known to the victim commit two-thirds of the unreported rapes. In essence, strangers commit approximately a third of the sexual assault in which the victims do not report to the authorities. The majority of the victims tends to blame themselves, and thus fails to give information about the heinous acts of sexual violence, which the offenders perpetrate on them. The reasons that compel victims not to report cases of rape encompass fear, feeling of helplessness, and perceived powerlessness of the security agents such as the police. Similarly, the victims fail report the sexual assaults because of the threat of further victimization from the authorities.
The speech indicated that personal fear and lack of trust in the security agents contributes to the unreported cases of sexual assault. These are the lessons that everyone should draw, and then explore ways of dealing with the fear because sexual assault has emotional, physical, and psychological ramifications. It seems that people do not have hope in the police, and thus they chose to remain silent on cases centering on sexual violence. In fact, the event drew a significant lesson that people should take the responsibility of reporting any case of sexual violence. The victims should view that sexual assault is heinous and a disrespect for an individual’s dignity. No one should go silent on issues that violate one’s right to live a respected life devoid of interference of any sort. In fact, the higher education should organize such events regularly in order to equip the students with the right skills that are integral in their lives. Many students are subject to the sexual violence, and events discussing issues central to student life ought to feature prominently in the institutions’ calendars.
The student involvement in the campus community plays a critical in ensuring that the learners live a success life in college. The activities foster a sense of togetherness and promote the growth of a community of scholars who exhibit a prime target of acquiring knowledge to apply it in the future endeavors (Steven, Elizabeth, and Natalie 955). Through the campus events, the students enrich their lives and lay a firm foundation for the future careers. The years in college serve as the best time for the students to explore the many possibilities in the real world. By participating in the campus activities, students develop a sense of responsibility to address the challenges that they might face in the college and the outside world. In effect, the best way for the student to acquire skills applicable in the world is participating in the various activities, as well as, programs on the campus. Thus, being part of active community on campus makes the students’ college life successful.
Work Cited
Steven, LaNasa, Elizabeth, Olson, and Natalie, Alleman. “The impacts of on-campus student growth on first-year student engagement and success.” Research in Higher Education 48.8 (2007): 941-966. Print. Read More
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Sexual Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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