How are your life goals similar to or different from those of one of your parents/guardians - Essay Example

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As such, they greatly influence their children’s choices in life through ideas and values. Moreover, children set objectives in academics and career based on the expectations of their parents. Thus, parents have the…
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How are your life goals similar to or different from those of one of your parents/guardians
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The Distinction between My Father’s Academic Goals and Mine Parents are the first role models in their children’s. As such, they greatly influence their children’s choices in life through ideas and values. Moreover, children set objectives in academics and career based on the expectations of their parents. Thus, parents have the responsibility to help their children create a base on which they can set effective goals. The parents’ roles include cultivating a healthy self-esteem in the children. Although self-esteem comes from the way a person sees oneself, parents can improve and nurture it through the way they treat their children. For example, when a father constantly commends his child on achievements and expresses pride, such a child will develop high self-esteem. When a child has a positive self-esteem, he/she tends to have an optimistic attitude towards life and develops a sense of belonging. In turn, a positive attitude gives one the confidence to pursue goals that interests him/her even if these differ with the parents’ wishes. In my scenario, my academic goals are distinct from my father’s although he has played a significant role in shaping my life especially on educational achievements and career.
I have always wanted to be a musician, but my father has been against the idea. Though he listens to music, he does not believe that any sound person can make a career out of music. As a result, he does not understand why I would choose music as a career. For example, I remember we had a serious confrontation once when I told him my intentions to pursue music. He was so upset that for the first time in my life, I saw him shout out of anger. My father has always wanted me to become a doctor because he admires doctors. In fact, he wanted to become a doctor himself, but missed the opportunity because he failed to secure enough points in his final exams. In my case, I have never admired being part of the medical profession, as I do not have the passion for dealing with patients. On the other hand, my father has a negative perception of musicians, which is my preferred career. According to him, music cannot provide one with a decent occupation. Nevertheless, he has always encouraged and helped me develop a high self-esteem. For example, he keeps on telling me that I am bright, hardworking, and capable of succeeding in academics and other areas of life.
My father is a teacher who believes that education and hard work is the key to success. According to him, one has to work hard in studies in order to excel. In the same measure, he believes that a good and successful career is one that involves an intensive course, as well as extensive reading. For example, education and medicine are ideal careers according to him since, apart from the practical basis, these courses entail theoretical applications that require hard work and intensive studying. Thus, a profession such as music, which is more of a practical application rather than theory, is worthless according to him. On the contrary, I believe that any career is good as long as one has a passion and determination to succeed. As much as we disagree with my father on career choice, he has always mentored me through practical and sound advice that has shaped my education and life in general.
Evidently, parents’ ideas and ways of thought often differ with those of their children. Since parents are the greatest influence on the children’s lives, their values and ideas largely inspire academic performance and goals of the children. However, since parents and children belong to different generations, there are bound to be conflicting values and ideas where the parent may prefer something that does not go well with the child. In my case, my father would have wished that I take up medicine as a career, but I am not comfortable with that choice as my passion is in music. In my generation, music is recognized as a successful career, but my father based on his traditional values sees it as unworthy and inappropriate. Nevertheless, as a hardworking and diligent man, I cannot deny that my father’s sentiments towards education, advice, and encouragement have greatly influenced my performance in education and objectives in life. Read More
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