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Overview of the Article: Too big for the planet - Essay Example

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The Optimum Population Trust, a think tank “dedicated to reducing the population growth and its effects on the world” recommend that families should have no more than two children because any more children would be harmful for the long term well being of the environment…
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Overview of the Article: Too big for the planet
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The issue boils down to balancing the supply and demand ends of “green” consumer products. Author Joanna Moorhead spoke to three large families in the UK and heard their views on this small family proposal.
The Russel Fishers are a family of eight – the parents and six children. Jo Fisher, now 51 thinks that the two-child proposal is uncalled for. She reckons that while some of her friends were concerned about the social aspects of having a large family, they never saw any moral deviance associated with it. Moreover, Jo states, that she and her husband have taken complete responsibility for the children’s upbringing. So why should the state have a problem? She also makes a valid observation when she says that “there are plenty of people around who choose to have no children at all, which surely opens the possibility for people like me to choose to have more than two" (The Guardian, July 12 2007). She also honestly admits that mustering the finances for providing quality education and healthy lifestyle for the children can be a challenge. Further, Jo also laments the lack of personal space for her and husband Jamie. But in spite of these inconveniences, the couple emphasize that they derive a “huge sense of enjoyment” from their large family. The children too concurred with their parents’ view. The Corbet family’s views are also quite similar. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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