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YOU Be the Judge - Assignment Example

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The incident in the case study, occurs when three children’s of different ages, named Jeremiah, Tiara, and Evon, were playing beside the water pond close to the country club that is located near their apartments. The death of one of the children left many people arguing…
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YOU Be the Judge
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Extract of sample "YOU Be the Judge"

When a child’s falls into a country club’s frozen pond. Who’s to blame? The incident in the case study, occurs when three children’s of different ages, named Jeremiah, Tiara, and Evon, were playing beside the water pond close to the country club that is located near their apartments. The death of one of the children left many people arguing concerning issues about the incident. None of the people left the country club at peace, as they kept on asking many questions. However, the case remains that no one is to blame for the incident but their mother.
As these young children were playing in the country club, Jeremiah walked around the opposite community center property. He knew well that he was headed for the large pond in the Newark Country Club (Barks n.d). The children slid through a hole in the trail-fence country club, where there was a sign posted “no trespasser”. The arising argument is why the country club failed to stop these children from playing over there, and why the country club did not say there was a deep pond(Barks n.d). Many claim that the country club has a duty to safeguard its pond, while children are are known to play close by.
According to a country club employee, David Cox, he has told the children repeatedly to leave from that place because trail fence and signs cannot keep them away. However, this pond has certain best features that make it an attraction for kids (Smith, and Lee, n.d). During their free time, kids play on the ice, especially skating, meaning that these children have enough experience to realize the dangers associated with the pond. Jeremiah’s mother had cautioned her kids severally to stay away. After the death of the child, the club said that Jeremiah death is accidental, but also denied responsibilities.
His mother reported the incident to the court, claiming that it was careless for “failing to childproof the pond” during its expansion (Sith, and Lee, n.d). Jeremiah’s mother’s lawyer said to the court that the club was so attractive that children could not identify danger. She claimed that the death of her son was a result of the attractive setting of the golf course pond, and her son could never understand what was in there.
The incident at Newark Country Club left many people arguing about why the country club owner did not put up signs that told the children where they were supposed to be playing. The country club employee, David Cox stated that he has been warning the children against playing near the pond, that there are a split-trail fence and the signs (Smith, and Lee, n.d). However, the two children said that they did not understand what trespasses were these. However, the country club argues that they could not protect children from all types of danger because they had put a sign up (Smith, and Lee, n.d). He also claimed that they expanded the pond project in 2000. In this case, the country club is to be blame on this issue of failing to stop kids.
In the incident like this that is confusing for a court to handle, the mother of the kids is to blame because children have to be taught properly at home. They have to receive enough instruction before they grow old enough to play outside, meaning that the responsibilities to the children are the parents’. The Country Club should not be blamed concerning this incident because the country club has put up signs that indicate a sign that is visible to all who enter the golf club.
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