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Informative Speech (1 page outline and 2 page speech) - Essay Example

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Attention Getter: Most of us seldom enjoy history lessons but when we ask people about their most favorite sweet thing to eat, they will definitely say it is chocolate. Talking and thinking about it automatically stimulates our taste buds regardless of whether we are…
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Informative Speech (1 page outline and 2 page speech)
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, giving an overview of how it came to be widely manufactured and consumed all over the world.
A. According to mythical origins, cocoa originated from the sacrifice of an Aztec princess who preferred death by the enemy to revealing the secrets of her kingdom. From her blood sprung the delicate cacao plant (Verna, 2013).
From the early Aztec cultures, western civilization came in when Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Guanaja and received the gift of a cup of chocolates (Verna, 2013). He then introduced the beans in Spain by offering them to the king and queen. Progressively over the years, it went on to spread and acquired by everyone.
C. In the United States, the production of chocolate proceeded at a faster pace than anywhere else in the world. This was motivated by World War II and as discovered chocolate played a role in motivating the armed forces (Szogyi, 1997).
With the understanding of where chocolate is from and its history, we are able to appreciate it. Certainly, after this, we will all rush to the store to grab a bar of chocolate and while munching the bar, it is imperative to remember the culture of the Aztec ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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