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Tutorial 13 - Coursework Example

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The inherent reading had no significant difference but I learnt many concepts relating o language use, academic writing, formality, and poverty issues. Among the most confusing words included poverty and informal language usage. However, subsequent effective understanding of…
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Download file to see previous pages During the informal language lesson, I learnt that it is not appropriate to term language usage as informal because it is applicable to many contexts. Moreover, in the excerpt about Mitt Romney’s comment concerning the plight of poverty, I noted that there are many government safety nets meant for the poor while the middle-class citizens are neglected. Therefore, there should be development of policies that pay attention to the middle-class citizens.
Regarding the levels of formality, it is not bad to use contractions in academic writing provided that they are not used in excess, occasionally used, and well executed. Further, quotes should be reproduced exactly as they are while taking care on the first and second person pronouns in the academic writing works. In addition, it is proper to avoid the first person references to create a great impression on the readers. Moreover, when using emails, memos, and business letters, the recipients’ title needs consideration.
In the context of professional and academic writing, specific writing styles prefer particular and consistent ways of writing references. Individuals, who are unable to correctly reference, should regularly refer to the conventions provided for in reference guiding manuals. Furthermore, fragment sentences are not appropriate in academic writing as they are in social media and they should be avoided unless called needed.
Further, informal writing styles should never be used in academic writing and it is paramount to comprehend genres, tasks, and expectations for writing. A writer can seek clarity from the instructor. All the constructions should not be too casual. However, the constructions must be marked and edited to tailor it to the appropriate style. Conclusively, formality depends on context, purpose, audience and situation of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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